Friday, August 29, 2008

Autumn on the Horizon

Here I am sitting blissfully amidst the glorious greenery that surrounds our little house in the Taconic Foothills of New York as I gaze lovingly at the Berkshire Mountains ahead of me. I spent several days preparing for the fall ahead at the Salon. I have scheduled several crochet workshops including the basic crochet workshop, a kippah workshop ( I am loving the fine crochet involved in creating these important little skull caps.) and the utterly stunning Kaleidoscope scarf, a cashmere garden wrap of crocheted little flowers. Added to this, are plenty of salons, a spinning salon, so that I, most importantly, can get back to spinning up plenty of yarn and finding one more way to fill my life and cupboards with yet more fiber.

And of course, the Milk and Honey Knitting Conference in Israel is high on the agenda. A feverish frenzy is taking place to organize our November event. Logistics take hours to prepare but I finally sent out our registration materials and now we will continue to fine tune all of the programs and details for the event.

Last but not least, more knitting must be done now that I have completed the finishing touches on my latest Yarn Market News piece on Point of Purchase products for the October issue. What fun to explore all of those special items just right for the yarn shop counter. Some really wonderful surprises were discovered.


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