Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Knitting

With the approach of each new season, I set forth my plans for all I hope to accomplish with the change of weather . I always anticipate all of the opportunities for new projects and always hope to use the time afforded me for destashing and decluttering as well as creating so many new things.

This summer season was no different and with the closing of String Greenwich, I was afforded the added gift of time during the day to take on many new and exciting challenges. The longer days are filled with an assortment of tasks in need of completion - Threading my loom, completing some long time knitting projects- I finally finished the tie I had been knitting for almost 2 years. somehow, despite having just 26 stitches per row, this was one of the most lengthy projects I have ever made. Maybe it was those size 2 double points, but heck it is finally complete and ready to be gifted to a much deserving friend.
I also crocheted this awesome little rug one very hot July day when I was feeling it was too hot to do any knitting or crocheting - but this was so fast- completed in a mere 2 hours that I forced myself to complete it lest I had a day without anything accomplished. Alas a most adorable bedside comfort rug -sure to warm someone's toes this coming winter. I used Bag Smith's Big Stitch Yarn and a size U crochet hook. It was surprisingly easy to work and well, the finished product and the fun making it almost compensated for such a costly fiber. I have heard that Bag Smith will be introducing the Big Stitch Yarn in colors soon. I can't wait. It is currently only offered in some lovely natural shades. I imagine the new colorways will tempt me to try this yarn once again - if for no other reason than to use my giant crochet hook .


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