Saturday, October 18, 2008

In the spirit of Autumn and the Sukkot holiday, I planned a knitting in the Sukkah salon for yesterday and it was a huge success. The plan was to have everyone knitting something seasonally appropriate. I provided patterns and yarn for an assortment of fruit, vegetables and flowers and told everyone to bring their needles. Keeping with our harvest and holiday theme, there was an assortment of holiday cakes - some of our usual Mom's banana bread, a pumpkin cranberry loaf, and the moisted honey cakes I've ever tasted from Alia's kitchen and Linda R's oven, Michelle R brought delicable gluten free cupcakes so it was really festive. We sat in the sukkah for hours, knitting away,every one of us so happy to be sitting and knitting just about anything. Lots of projects were getting finished and the knitting camraderie was fantastic. Sandi F and Michelle completed flowers as we all expressed our delight at their beauty. Roberta has become a prolific crocheter having made dozens of crocheted flowers for her Kaleidoscope scarf.

We will have another kaleidoscope event shortly for all of those who missed the opportunity and there will definitely be another kippah workshop soon. They are so challenging to make and such wonderful and small portable projects.

Right now, I am completing my cloche hat with Silk Pearl from Artyarns combined with the Pearl sequins and bead yarn - I will definitely post photos of this in progress.


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