Sunday, May 17, 2009

On my Needles and in my Queue

I always seek out blocks of time to complete, begin and plan new projects and ideas. This weekend is no different. Since, I did not have to drive up to the upstate house, I planned as always to knit in the car. The pale pink (LB collection Cotton Bamboo) baby blanket (right)is finally on the return, that is, on the decrease half so I am knitting feverishly attempting to complete this gift before baby Adah Mae is out of diapers. Truth be told, this little girl is just a bit over a month old and it should be wrapped around her cherub baby body before season's end.

Add to the actual knitting, I have been busy ironing out details for our summer retreats and the plans jsut keep getting better and better. Reservations have been made with a local B & B and meetings and plans continue to evolve.

Awaiting the needles this weekend is a lace shawl in preparation for the first of the summer workshops, our lace and laze workshop July 12 and 13, where we will explore the intricacies of some lace knitting and then spend time just focusing on projects with a side trip to a great knitting shop and mix that with comfort food and great views (on top, above) to knit by.

Update on our August event, August 9-10, 2009: an awesome workshop with Cara Carnavale of Twin Hearts Handworks at her brand new shop in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Cara's got great plans for our workshop featuring all kinds of stitching and an absolutely incredible gift bag filled with goodies for retreat participants so we can learn all the new techniques she has in store for for us. That's Sunday August 9. And on Monday, August 10, it will be a day of leisure and knitting and fiber surprises at the Ethelridge Road Knitting Salon North (see photo above). Details will follow shortly.

In the midst of all this, still writing for YMN - getting a handle on how yarn shops do this "Yarn of the Month" thing. Just speaking to so many lovely shop owners makes want to head to their charming shops right away.


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