Monday, May 02, 2011

It was quite awesome to have all of those knitters sitting around my dining room table and tackling ( hardly tackling, more like fondling) that absolutely gorgeous Artyarns Beaded Silk and Sequins yarn and knitting up a collection of gorgeous knitted jeweled chains. To be perfectly honest, winding the yarn and casting on seemed the most challenging part of project. We cast on lots and lots of stitches here and with all that chatter and needles clicking, it was hard to count. The delicate nature of the yarn, delicate yes, but not a very breakable fiber, slowed us a bit giving us plenty of time to bond with this sparkling fiber. Mostly, we tried just to keep it even and hold onto our two strands of yarn, so that our finished string of jewels looked worthy of time and patience put into creating them. There were so many colors to choose from and the results were quite breathtaking. There were so many gorgeous necklaces with some doing double duty as bracelets. Personally, I love knitting up the necklaces and making bracelets too. Once on the needles, they are another quick knit and just in time for Mother's Day.


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