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My Baby Knitting Marathon

Windowpane Heirloom Blanket

Not sure how or why, but this  seems to be the season for  babies - lots of them.  In the past month, we have celebrated the arrival of perhaps a dozen new little ones - (surprisingly, all were boys) 
 As a result I have been on a knitting for babies marathon, almost to  the exclusion of all else. 

"Wool Leaves"  a Jared Flood design.
The Stash Busting Cotton Baby Blanket
Knitting baby blankets is so much fun - though clearly not a quick project, these sweet blankets offer you an opportunity to try out lots of stitch patterns
or create one of your own signature designs.   I loved using my stash for this recent cotton treasure: The Stash Busting Baby Blanket.  The pattern for this beautiful, colorful and soft baby coverlet can be found in our Ethelridge Road Knitting Salon, Summer 2012 newsletter. Please email me at: to receive a copy.

The Windowpane design was created from  a mere 6 skeins of luscious and soft, Artyarns Supermerino - just a tad over 600 yards for this precious and versatile crib blanket or carriage/stroller cover.  This yarn is ideal too for all things baby - from hats to sweaters and booties so you can gift a set of matching garments for any special baby.  As a superwash, it is perfect for a baby's soft skin. I always stress the pleasure and the quality of using a natural fiber over the standard acrylics so many seem to choose for their baby projects.With a superwash merino like this one, you can keep your baby swathed in a soft and natural yarn and a washable one to boot. Reasonably priced too, this is certainly a go-to yarn and pattern  for all the babies awaiting knitted gifts. This supermerino yarn is one of my personal favorites and a mainstay at the Salon -  and I am always  happy to order some for you.
This Windowpane design baby blanket  is sure to become an heirloom gift for  a very special baby - hence the name-
And I am delighted to share the pattern with you here:

Windowpane Heirloom Baby Blanket

Materials: 6 skeins, Artyarns Supermerino, 100% merino, 104 yards per skein. Color #: 170

needles: US #7/4.5mm  32" circulars; row counter and 10 stitch markers.
Finished measurements:  27" x 28" approximately after steam blocking.
Gauge: 4 1/2 stitches to the inch
pm: place marker
sm: slip marker

Instructions :

Cast on 126 sts
Bottom border: Knit 11 rows in garter stitch (knit every row)

Set up row: K5, pm, K20, pm, K4, pm, K20, pm, K4, pm, K20, pm, K4, pm, K20, pm, K4, pm, K20, pm, K5

Window Pane:Row 1: K5, sm, P20, sm, K4, sm, P20, sm, K4, sm, P20, sm, K4, sm, P20, sm, K4, sm, P20,  sm, K5

Row 2: K5, sm, K20, sm, K4, sm, K20, sm, K4, sm, K20, sm, K4, sm, K20, sm, K4, sm, K20, sm, K5
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until this section above the garter border measures 4.25" ending on Row 1.

Garter frame: K 6 rows

Beginning with Row 2, repeat Rows 1 and 2 until Window Pane section measures 4.25" ending with Row 1, then repeat the Garter frame pattern.

Continue in this manner until you have completed 5 Window Panes separated by 4 sections of the Garter frame pattern.
Complete top border (you can now remove markers) with 11 rows of garter stitch and bind off loosely.  Steam block and weave in ends.

Copyright Notice: The entire contents of this pattern and the knitted design to which it refers are subject to copyright.  Please use this pattern for your personal non-commercial use only. 


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