Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beginner Knitting II ....................................................................... How to choose the best needles for new knitters

Now that we've established the need for quality yarn for the first time knitter, it's time to learn which needles will be most comfortable in the newbie's hands.
Five criteria are essential:
1. Type
2. Length
3. Size/circumference
4. Material
5. Color

1. A set of straight needles
2. 8-10" in length. Longer ones are more awkward to manage and shorter than eight inches may just be uncomfortable in certain hands. Smaller hands of children may, however, have an easier time with a shorter length.
3. 5.0-6.0mm/Size 8 -10 U.S.
4. Choose a material that will feel good and one that is not too slippery. Best choices for the new knitter: bamboo, birch, rosewood, ebony and certain plastic needles such as: the Pony needles made of reinforced plastic are among my favorites. Some are  designed  specifically for children  but adults too, will find them suitable and quite comfortable to use.Pleasantly smooth and flexible,  these plastic needles  are available in an assortment of colors according to size so they are easy to keep in pairs.
5. It is important and helpful to use a needle where one can  easily identify  their stitches. As such, a lighter colored needle is best used when knitting with a darker yarn and a darker needle such as a rosewood or ebony is ideal when knitting with lighter colors.

The key is making that first experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible by using the right tools to ensure the love of the craft. 


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