Monday, February 10, 2014

Slouchy Boy

It seems that one of the family's favorite hats had gone missing.  Of course,  this could mean nothing less than  it was  time for me to  design a new hat to meet the assorted needs of the "hat wearers"  of this  household.  They happily chimed in with their opinions and requirements and said they wanted something that was very warm but, trendy too.  It needed  a snug fit, but not too tight.  It needed to cover the ears. Hence, this long rib does just that. In fact, I chose to knit the rib section  just long enough to make it interesting and still offer the option to  fold it up for the  more traditional appearance of a watch cap. I love the modern slouchy look so  I designed  the top portion to be longer and fuller, but not so much so  as to be sloppy.   Thus the Slouchy Boy Hat was born.
I chose to knit this in the luscious Artyarns UltraBulky not only because it is a mainstay at the Salon, but also because it is a  a bulky, 12 ply merino which knits up quickly  and feels  soft against the skin.  It is machine washable, though I recommend hand washing with all my knits, just because after I've spent the time knitting something, I'd prefer to hand wash and take better care of it.

Best of all, this is a one skein project.  Using all of the 110 yards is exactly what I aimed to do.  There is but one caveat - regrettably, the manufacturer is no longer selling it- alas, what a pity- however, we still have plenty in stock.  Just email and we will let you know what colors are available.


Design by Laurie Kimmelstiel


A modern beanie with a long wide rib and a bit of a slouch at the top.   The rib can be worn flat over the ears or turned up for a more traditional cap

Materials:    1 skein  Artyarns Ultra Bulky, 100% Merino Wool   100g 110 Yds per skein,
Needles: US#9/5.5mm circular  needle and 1 set US #9/5.5mm 6 or 8” double pointed needles; stitch marker;  tapestry needle.
Gauge: This is a very stretchy hat.  21 sts = 4” in stockinette pattern.
Measurements: 17” around x 10” high approximately without stretching.                                                                                                      

Instructions: Cast on 71 sts.  Slip 1st st on right needle to left needle, place marker on right needle.  Join to knit in the round with a k2tog.  K2, p2, *k3, p2   repeat from * to end of round.

Rib pattern: *K3, P2, repeat from *

Continue in Rib pattern until ribbed section measures 5” or desired length from bottom edge.

Next Round:  Knit, increasing 5 sts evenly across round. (75 sts)

Continue knitting in the round until hat measures 9 ¼” from bottom edge. 

Begin Decrease section:
Round 1: *K3, k2tog, repeat from * across round - 60 sts
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: *K2, k2tog, repeat from * across round - 45 sts
Round 4: Knit
Change to DP needles.
Round 5: *K1, k2tog, repeat from * across round - 30 sts
Round 6: Knit
Round 7: *K1, k2tog, repeat from * across round - 15 sts
If you still have enough yarn, continue to Round 8.
Round 8: Knit

Cut yarn leaving about 12- 15”   Thread  thru tapestry needle and draw needle through remaining 15 stitches on your needle. Pull snugly to reinforce top of hat with yarn.  Weave in ends.


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