Monday, June 25, 2007

Jerusalem Workshop

Here I was in the heart of country, in the heart of the city doing what I love best. Sharing my love of knitting with a score of eager knitters. Eager for inspiration and anxious to knit outside the box, welcoming new ideas, new fibers, new shaping, new colors, new stitches all at once - Taking the plain and transforming it to urbane and sophisticated. What an enthusiastic group. Starved for the most part of the yarns, tools and patterns we take for granted, yet these were not boring knitters and the effect of a group of knitters together here in Israel's capital was no small feat. Many travelled far and stayed out late to be in this cocoon of fiber fanatics soaking up ideas and inspiration. I loved being among them listening to their stories - inspiring --- and being inspired by them.


Blogger Iris G said...

Thank you for sharing this--I feel inspired, too.

9:50 PM  

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