Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Ethereal Wrap

In honor of Mother's Day, a free pattern  to share.  The perfect quick knit to gift to yourself or a special someone you love -
 a divine design for all.

"The Ethereal Wrap" 

design by Laurie Kimmelstiel 
Please use this pattern for your personal non-commercial use only.
So easy, even a beginner could knit it and, so lovely, you will be fielding the praise. Much less challenging than its appearance suggests, the key to its beauty  is your choice of yarn and needles, nothing more. A wispy, drapey, traingular shaped  lightweight  wrap for your neck and shoulders. It's the perfect accent to your wardrobe and warm too, when needed. Versatile in every way, this will be both your "go to" accessory and a favorite project to knit and to give as a gift
MaterialsApproximately 250 -300 yards or more of a  silk/mohair blend yarn. Artyarns Mohair Silk or Rowan Kid Silk Haze
 are good choices. 
 Needles: 24"  circulars: 6mm/US 10 or larger  depending on the weight of the mohair, desired appearance and to achieve the proper drape. 
Optional: stitch markers.
Kfb: Knit into the front and back of stitch (2 stitches made)

Measurements: 55" wide x 27" deep - This is very approximate and the size of your wrap will  be be totally dependent on the chosen yarn and  needle size. Experiment and swatch to achieve best results.  For a larger garment, simply add more yarn and knit to desired size.
Cast on 5 sts  Knit 2 rows
Row 1: K 1, Kfb, knit to last two stitches, Kfb, K1
Repeat row 1 until you have only several yards remaining to bind off.

Bind off very loosely. Weave in ends.  Await compliments.


Blogger Lisa said...

I'm confused about how many stitches to cast on. 5?

12:12 PM  
Blogger The Yarn Princess said...

Yes, cast on 5 sts. You will be increasing with each row.

12:13 AM  

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