Monday, August 27, 2007

Knitting is Bliss

I had one of those blissful knitting moments this past weekend. Sitting outside our house upstate surrounded by the hum of birds, the warmth of a bright sun and views of the Berkshires, I sat and knitted and I actually completed one of my many projects. The list is always long and the plans always way too optimistic. This time, I actually got a few things completed - finally! Firstly, I made a superb facecloth for my husband, motivated to complete it when he suggested that we needed to buy washcloths for this new house. Far be it for me to spend money on such things when a knitted version is so much more durable and attractive. Using my Lion Brand Cotton Ease, I knitted up a blue Gingerstitch cloth pattern from Blossom Knitwear. I blocked it and voila, a beautiful face cloth. He loves it and now, I want to make more of these quick projects. I also finally completed the sweater for my 17 year old (started by him when he was 15) - well almost completed, just have to block and sew together and complete the neck edge. I have taken this out more than once to accomodate major adolescent growth spurts- he's the tallest in the family already.