Saturday, May 24, 2008

Salon this Wednesday, May 28

We'll have another evening Salon this week on Wednesday at 7:30 PM. I look forward to seeing all of the fabulous projects everyone has been working on. Hopefully, some of the new spinners will arrive too, to show off their newly acquired skills. I have been loving my return to spinning and feel as if I've mastered more of the techniques needed to produce some lovely yarns. In the meantime, I am back at the loom, experimenting with my floating selvedge and hoping this will improve my edges.

On the knitting front, there are some adorable completed baby hats, felted bowls, my cream of spinach scarf (still to be blocked- just as soon as I clear the dining room table) . Turns out, I will be needing some baby gifts in the coming months and must, must finish up more of my started projects. I have made progress though and I look forward to more time between weaving and article writing to do some spinning and knitting.

On the writing front, I completed my article for Yarn Market News on "Yarn Shop Ambiance" and it appears in the latest issue (May) with that gorgeous yellow bouqueted cover. I've begun my next piece on Point of Sale items, those sweet little must-have items that grab us at the cash register. I love seeing the variety of products, both new and familiar that shop owners promote to their clientele. Saw some really unique items at the New England Needlework Association show in Sturbridge, Mass a few weeks ago. Fell in love with the felted doll kits, and some interesting books and just came across some very special small clutches from OffHand Designs which definitely have that must-have appeal for knitters and non-knitters alike. Research for this one will be a blast, I'm sure.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Spinning at the Salon

Today, we had the first of two classes in our spinning workshop. Susan Vazquez of The Wool Room, joined by her able and affable assistant Valerie taught our enthusiastic group to spin on the wheel. Susan's mantra: "Relax" put everyone at ease and the participants produced their first spun fiber. Next Monday, Susan will be back to help fine-tune our skills and teach us how to ply our wool.