Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In my hands and on their heads.

It seems that I am always knitting. My family often expresses displeasure that I am almost never without needles and yarn in my hands. Like so many other knitters, I cannot sit still and simply watch tv, or a movie, look at scenery, listen to a lecture or theatre production or even take a walk for that matter without some project in my hands. Long drives with me as the driver are most difficult because concentrating on the road takes precedence over any sort of knitting. I've taken to listening to knitting books on tape when necessary- almost anything to keep my eyes on the road but my mind in a creative spirit. Mostly, as I have mentioned here, I knit many, many hats, the soothing rhythm of the yarn and needles moving along in circular fashion ( I love knitting in the round!) in such a mindless manner soothes my nerves and actually improves my concentration and focus. Baby hats mostly, but not exclusively, are my favorites. I've posted some of my most recent treasured designs.

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Ravelry Swap

What I sent and what I received. and so nice to receive something knitted for me by someone else!