Monday, March 30, 2009

Salon Sightings

Here at the Ethelridge Road Knitting Salon, we have alot of very talented knitters. I am amazed not only by the beautiful garments created in our midst, but also by the shared love of craft that I've seen by all of these fabulous and creative women. There is an excitement as we watch each other's progress of projects and skills. Completed projects elicit excitement and accolades and serve as both inspiration and encouragement to fellow knitters.

yes, more baby hats.

Ok, I admit it, I love to knit these sweet little baby hats. They are quick and they answer a personal need for fulfillment and accomplishment. I like items that are mindless to knit, especially when I am a passenger on long ( and short) car rides. I have a need to keep my hands occupied and dislike being idle even for a few minutes. They are great to knit during long walks too, since they require little attention and I can knit, walk, listen to my i-pod and take in the scenery all simultaneously.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Musings from the Salon

The Ethelridge Road Knitting Salon seems to offer a welcome balance of camraderie and friendship all while inspiring so many awesome designs. Most memorable so far was our Merino and Cashmere blankie knit and put together in one weeks time to accompany Shelly to Arkansas where she traveled for medical treatment. Shelly was able to even figure out who did which color based on her familiarity of our tastes and personalities. A great group effort by Shira, Michelle R, Alia, Jill S, and Kathy B and from the photos and emails from Shelly, it seems our efforts and knitting skills have provided some comfort for her. Keep up the good work Shelly. We may not be there in person, but the work of our hands and the labor of our love is with you in that wonderful blanket.