Monday, June 15, 2009

The Kimono Shawl

Two years plus and here it is - finally complete and just as lovely as I had hoped. Ok- it took a while but it's not like I knitted it every day. Like most lace, it was a challenge even with plenty of markers. It takes time to get a rhythm going with these patterns and to feel comfortable and at ease with the stitches. Not for the faint of heart, or for those, like myself, who love to knit, but hate to concentrate. I prefer the gentle dancing of my fingers around the yarn and needles but rather not have to look but just to feel the delicate yarn flow thru my hands as I do six other things. Nice concept but it does not work with lace designs and hence more than two years to grasp the beat of the pattern.

I've noticed with so many WIPS, that I enthusiastically embark on them only to have them fall victim to the doldrums of mid project blues and boredom. l I finally force myself to continue to reach the precipice of completion and then take off toward the finish line with enthusiasm and a sudden burst of energy and anticipation. Thus, I have approached all of my UFOS lately with a bit more discipline and now have promised myself to complete several things before I begin yet another project. With the completion of the Kimono Shawl, I have now given myself permission to start not one, but several lovely projects guilt free. So monumental was this work, that on completion, I feel entitled to allow myself to experiment an assortment of designs both purchased and of my own creation. On the needles now: Hannah Fettig's Featherweight Cardigan is Misti Alpaca lace in Mauve, Heather Dixon's Razor Armlets in a luscious rich olive green using Vitalgo Cashmerino purchased for me in Tel Aviv. There is also my crescent shaped wavy colored shawlette with Prism's Merino Mia in another yummy green variegated. My stitch count on my rows currently stands at about 600 stitches -so it is slow going at the moment., More UFOs wait in the wings with still another lace project or two- there is even one that has been on the needles longer than the Kimono shawl - yes, I promise to tackle that one soon too and, as such, will feel the weight of too many UFOs off my hands and onto my back and shoulders where they belong.