Monday, November 09, 2009

My Trip to Chicago

Sherry amidst the yarns and decor of "Nina" Chicago and happy friends together.

Seating and window display at NINA - Chicago

Despite the brevity of my trip to Chicago, I managed, in a mere 36 hours, to make the most of my knitting experience- and, I might add , to also experience every knitter's nightmare- losing my project as I neared completion - and not just any project, but a lovely lace mini shawl and the one I needed to complete on the plane ride home lest I actually realize that I was flying in the air and not just sitting quietly- distraction free, in a somewhat comfy recliner.

Of course, my prep time for my trip was focused almost entirely on what projects I hoped to complete during flight and hotel time while hubby attended his conference and I could sit and knit rather than view any sites or heaven forbid shop (my typical conference wife activity in the years prior to total knitting focus) Now shopping is still done, but only in knitting shops- Good thing I only discovered the Forever 21 emporium right next door to my hotel just as I was about to pack and leave the hotel for the airport.
But I had plans - to see an old friend- fortunately one with a similar knitting affliction - so of course, we arrange to meet at NINA, a shop I lusted for , had interviewed the owner for an article, admired the unusual and trendy decor and, well, just had to visit. An hour later, my needs fulfilled along with a shopping bag full of yarns and patterns to keep me busy for my remaining day in the Windy City. I bought some absolutely amazing and soft Misti Alpaca 2 ply chunky in my favorite shade of green to make a cozy and handsome moebius. So desperate was I to make this garment, that I even bought needles (never mind that I probably have six pairs already in size 17 needles at home), one cannot stop and wait to get home when knitting like this beckons and never mind too, that I have a wholesale account with Misti International - I needed to make that cowl (you can see my friend Sheila modeling it below) - finishing it on the plane - my only comfort as I pined over my missing lace Artyarns Beaded mohair shawl.

Back to that fiasco. Somehow, after sitting blissfully knitting said shawl in the lobby of the hotel, I managed to forgo all manner of organization and somehow lost my little masterpiece in its handy zippered case at the hotel. Well, I didn't know I was missing it until that moment of terror when I discovered it missing from my stash of in-flight projects. Saddened, almost despondent, I searched high and low, contacted hotel lost and found and was forced to leave the premises lest I miss my flight back to New York too.

To make a several hour saga of knitting misery shorter, I tried lost and found once or maybe twice again that evening on my return home, and alas , bless the Chambermaid - my knitting treasure was found and turned in that evening. All was right with the world along with $10 or so paid to Fed Ex to put the smile and calm back on my face.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rowan 30th Anniversary Exhibit

We went to the Rowan 30th Anniversary Exhibit at the Welles Gallery in Lenox, Massachusetts this evening. Great to see so many familiar designs in person and actually examine the garments and their construction. It is amazing to follow the trends in knitting over the last 30 years. My favorite: Kaffe Fassett's Long Leaf coat.